Learn how businesses are valued, funded, bought & sold.

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The Inner Circle Sessions pulls back the curtain on private equity transactions, teaching entrepreneurs how professional investors and buyers think.

We've worked to distill over 20 years of deal-making experience into a vehicle that you can use to take your business to the next level, and beyond. If you've ever asked yourself "how much is my business worth" or "how can I trade some of my equity for money-in-the-bank" ...the answers are about to be revealed.


Inner Circle Insights

Zane Tarence

The big picture overview ...understanding your range of options.

John Warrillow

What’s a buyer looking for in your business?  Is it really sellable?

David Klock

There are potential buyers/investors available for all stages of business maturity.

Stuart Raburn

Avoiding the mistakes and addressing problem areas in advance.

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